Modernisations and components

Modernisations and components: innovative spare parts

At LBCranes, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions to improve the functionality of our components for your lifting and material handling systems. Equipment upgrades are a smart and necessary investment to ensure productivity and efficiency in your business.

Prevention of side draft

This modernization incorporates a high-precision inclinometer that detects any inclination or deviation in the load (max. angle: 4º). In this way, the system ensures that the load is completely straight before allowing it to be lifted, thus avoiding possible accidents or material damage.

Overhead crane bridge safety light.

Upper Safety Light

The overhead safety light clearly marks the crane's area of operation, ensuring that nothing and no one is placed in the area. It has five advantages over traditional safety signs: it does not require investment in human capital, it does not affect productivity, it is not necessary to stop the activity for its installation, it has greater durability and does not require additional maintenance.

Hoist replacement

When a hoist has reached the end of its useful life, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to replace the entire hoist rather than just a few components. In addition, by installing a new hoist, you can take advantage of new technologies.

Hoist replacements modernisations
LED overhead lights crane

Upgrading of LED lights

It is very important to illuminate the work area correctly. For this reason, we offer the LED light upgrade, an innovative solution that incorporates more powerful lights to cover the shadows that the cranes themselves cast in the area of operation.
This upgrade will improve the safety and efficiency of your operations. Moreover, LED lights last longer than traditional lighting systems, and it will help to save money in maintenance.

Replacement of end walls

When the travel drives have reached the end of their useful life, it may be more efficient and cost-effective to replace the entire drive rather than just a few components. In addition, with the installation of a new mechanism, you may be able to install other components, such as drives.

Inverters modernisation

Upgrading of drives

Inverters avoid initial and final shocks during braking and acceleration, reducing component wear and extending equipment life. In addition, the drives provide greater control and precision in overhead crane movements, which translates into greater safety and efficiency in operations.

Radio-controlled controls

Incorporation of radio controls in your hoisting systems and overhead cranes, an innovative solution that provides radio controls to replace the old ones connected to the crane.

With this modernization, operators will be able to choose the best location from which to control the crane, allowing them to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Radio-controlled bridge cranes.

Automation upgrades

Laser detection

Any element that is not securely fastened must be reliably detected, no matter how small.

Our laser detection system is perfect for any kind of object, even the smallest cables.

Modernización láser detección de cables.

Positioning of the crane

It implements a camera on the bridge crane and a line with reading codes.

In this way, the camera reads the codes and detects the position of the bridge crane at all times.

Detección de posición de puentes grúa.

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