Battery-powered mobile gantry crane

The mobile gantry crane has become the preferred option in situations where the structure of a building is unable to support loads additional. These cranes provide an additional support structure.

Characteristics of the mobile gantry crane

Our mobile gantry crane is powered by rechargeable batteries, it makes you forget about the limitations of power sockets. Its versatility allows batteries to be charged with any three-phase neutral 400V switchboard. Charging during the night guarantees complete freedom of movement throughout the working day.

  • Full mobility which allows it to be used in more than one work area.
  • Good performance and ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Mode of material rotation.
  • Security systems in the movement.
Mobile gantry crane 3200kg
3200+3200kg mobile gantry cranes.

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Rotation and movements of mobile gantry crane – LBCranes YouTube

Mobile gantry crane safety systems

Equipped with inverters for precise movements and automatic bumpers, our crane prioritises safety. These bumpers automatically stop the crane if it gets too close to an object, avoiding collisions and ensuring a collision-free working environment. In addition, the crane is operated by a remote control with remote connectivity that allows operators to work at a safe distance at all times.

With a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes, mobile gantry cranes are ideal for a wide range of applications. For larger projects, we offer customised solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Remote connectivity and maintenance via WiFi

Any software bug can be fixed via Wifi from anywhere in Europe, providing a fast and efficient solution.

The PLC controller, together with our development software, guarantees precise and reliable control. With a 4 port acces router, a secure network is created between the PLC/HMI and the programming PC.

With innovative features and state-of-the-art technology, it is the perfect choice for construction and material handling projects.

Mobile gantry crane 3200kg
Gantry crane with batteries 3.2Tn.

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