Second hand overhead cranes

Offer of used overhead cranes

Acquire a second-hand overhead crane. Used overhead travelling cranes are an excellent option for transporting loads at an irresistible price.

We have second-hand overhead travelling cranes of all types (see "Types of Overhead Cranes: Complete Guide"). We meet our customers' expectations and can provide an excellent service.

Used overhead crane 5Tn.
5Tn monorail overhead travelling crane with hoist BLIFT.

Benefits of a used overhead crane

Purchasing a second-hand overhead crane will allow you to get the benefits of this machinery at a more affordable price.

Our used overhead cranes undergo stringent quality and functional checks before they are delivered. The maintenance of our second-hand overhead cranes is carefully considered due to possible wear and tear (see "Preventive maintenance of overhead travelling cranes: guaranteeing optimum, safe operation«).

We have a team of specialist overhead crane operators who are responsible for checking and overhauling the second-hand overhead cranes before they are handed over to the new customer. Delivery conditions are as good and as high a priority as for newly produced equipment.

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Used light overhead travelling cranes.
Used light overhead travelling crane.

Advantages of second-hand equipment

The main advantage of second-hand overhead cranes is their price. Purchasing a new overhead crane can be very expensive, especially for small and medium-sized companies. However, these overhead travelling cranes are much more affordable.This allows companies to save a significant amount of money. See all types of overhead cranes that we offer.

Secondly, these teams have undergone rigorous quality controls before being offered for sale, which means that they operate efficiently and safely (see "Overhead Crane Safety Systems: Protect your Operations"). What's more, they can be tailored to the specific needs of each company, making them a highly versatile option.

Used overhead cranes prices

Prices for second-hand overhead cranes start at €500, and depend on the type of crane and the condition of the crane.

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Second hand monorail overhead crane 5Tn.
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