Single-girder overhead cranes

Single-girder overhead cranes are a very versatile and efficient lifting solution for handling heavy loads in confined spaces.

These cranes can be manufactured with laminated profile or box girder, which allows them to save space and achieve maximum hook height. In addition, their operation is simple and reliable, making them ideal for any situation.


Single-girder overhead travelling cranes provide material handling solutions with load capacities of up to 16 tonnes and spans of up to 36 metres, even in low-roofed halls.

These cranes can handle material transports with load capacities of up to 16 tonnes and spans of up to 36 metres, even in halls with low ceilings. For these bridges, no safety clearance to the ceiling is required within this capacity range, which means that spatial conditions can be exploited to the full and costs for hall restructuring can be saved.

Elevation capacity<16Tn
Crane length<36m
Hook heightAdjustable
Single-girder overhead crane 6.3Tn
Single-girder overhead crane design.

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Some of our monorail overhead crane projects

Single Girder overhead crane LBCranes
Monorail overhead crane of 6.3Tn.

With a load capacity of up to 16 tonnes, our single girder overhead cranes are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Whether you need to lift heavy loads in a warehouse, factory or any other industrial environment, our overhead cranes will give you the strength and reliability you need.

They have a span distance of up to 36 metres. Our monorail overhead cranes can cover large working areas, allowing you to handle loads across your entire facility.

Single-girder overhead crane maintenance

Good maintenance and timely replacement of spare parts on monorail overhead travelling cranes is crucial to ensure their optimal performance and prolong their service life. This increases safety, reduces the risk of breakdowns and minimises long-term repair costs.

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