Instalation of 6.3Tn single-girders

We are delighted to share one of our latest projects, in which we have designed and installed a monorail bridge crane for a paddle tennis court manufacturing company.

This overhead crane features self-supporting loop-pillars and uses Verlinde hoists of 6.3 tons, making it ideal for handling heavy loads and ensuring safe and efficient operation.

The project was manufactured by Bofortex SL, a leading company in the manufacturing of lifting systems, ensuring its durability and quality.

These monorails we install are specifically designed to meet the needs of the sports sector. It is used in the manufacture of paddle tennis courts and is capable of handling heavy loads with ease and safety.

With its smooth and precise lifting system, it enables workers to carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity and product quality.

The spacecraft, which is still under development, already has the lifting systems ready for operation.

Single-girder overhead crane

Single-girder overhead cranes are a very versatile and efficient lifting solution for handling heavy loads in confined spaces. These cranes can be manufactured with laminated profile or box girder, which allows them to save space and achieve maximum hook height. In addition, their operation is simple and reliable, making them ideal for any situation.

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