Chain hoists

Chain hoists, light loads

In LBCranes, we offer you a wide range of chain hoists designed to meet your lifting and translation needs. We have both manual and electric options, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Our chain hoists stand out for their ergonomic design and compact dimensions. Ideal for light and medium loads, ranging from 63 kg to 2000 kg, they provide an efficient and precise solution.

Low level of oscillation

Con un funcionamiento preciso y bajo nivel de oscilación de la carga, gracias al carro con variador de frecuencia de equipamiento estándar, garantizamos seguridad y rendimiento óptimo. Además, el mantenimiento es sencillo, sin necesidad de herramientas especiales para intercambiar componentes o instalar piezas de repuesto. Check out our hoist maintenance services here.

Our chain hoists are designed for greater durability, with a chain capable of handling up to 1 million cycles or even the entire lifespan. Furthermore, their price is highly competitive in the range of up to 2000 kg.

Easy Maintenance

Simple maintenance and exceptional durability are other advantages of chain hoists. Due to their ease of use, no special tools are required to exchange components or install spare parts. Furthermore, the chain is designed to handle up to 1 million cycles or even the entire lifespan.

Our hoists have a comfortable and manageable design. They are ideal for light and medium loads, with capacities ranging from 63 kg to 2000 kg.

BLIFT chain hoist on a LBCranes steel structure.

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Verlinde chain hoist in lightweight system.
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