Self-supporting metal structure

Self-supporting metal structure

In LBcranes we focus on providing comprehensive advice to our customers to ensure that your overhead crane works at its maximum capacity. We calculate, design, manufacture and install all types of steel structure pillars and girders for the displacement of your overhead crane. This can be specially treated for assembly and operation both indoors and outdoors, and for any type of environment, even the most challenging.

LBcranes structure pillars

De acuerdo a la capacidad de elevación, peso específico, reacciones y condiciones de la nave, determinamos el diseño de los pilares y vigas carril por donde se desplazará el puente grúa. There are several models of steel piers, generally braced piers, self-supporting piers and braking piers are used.

LBcranes track beams

Similarly, the design of track beams varies according to the calculation, the distance between supports, the reactions and a series of variables. They can be fabricated from rolled sections or from a sheet metal box girder. Rail beams can be mounted inside the building on existing brackets or from the installation of columns, forming an interior structure, which can be independent or braced to the structure of the building.

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Self-supporting steel structure LBCranes
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