Jib cranes

Jib cranes are designed to provide powerful and reliable support at different working points. These cranes are easily adaptable to different requirements and offer a wide variety of models and configurations.

Furthermore, they are divided into two distinct types according to their turning radius: the column jib cranes (with its own structural pillar) and the wall-mounted jib-crane (anchored with brackets to a wall).

These type of cranes, jib cranes are typically used for moving small loads in confined working spaces.In addition, these cranes are very light, allowing several cranes to be installed in the same hall to combine their functions and speed up the entire production process.

500kg pillar jib crane
500kg column-mounted jib crane with BLIFT hoist.

Column-mounted jib cranes

The column-mounted cranes are designed to be mounted independently of the hall structure and fixed to the floor.

They offer a 270° turning radius with a boom reach of up to 7m and a load capacity from 250kg to 6.3tn, depending on their structure. These cranes can be prepared for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Turning radius270º
Arm reach <7m
Elevation capacity<6,3tn
Column-mounted jib cranes

Wall mounted jib cranes

The wall-mounted jib cranes have a slewing radius of 180° with a jib reach of up to 10m and a load capacity of up to 5tn.

Thanks to its design, the dimensions of the hall are maximised and a maximum lifting height is achieved if required. Several can be combined to achieve a perfect end result throughout the entire production line.

Turning radius180º
Arm reach 10m
Elevation capacity<5tn
Wall mounted jib cranes

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Some of our jib crane projects

Grúa pluma mural 500kg.

Installation of 500kg jib crane

At LBCranes, we have designed and installed an exceptional wall-mounted jib crane. With a load capacity of 500 kg and equipped with a BLIFT hoist, this crane is the ideal solution for...

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Assembly, slewing radius and manufacture of jib cranes

Jib cranes are essential tools in the industrial world, offering efficient and reliable lifting solutions. At LBCranes, we are renowned for the quality of our products, we design jib cranes and portable light jibs that stand out as powerful partners in manufacturing and assembly processes. Their ability to work as a team optimises production to the maximum, providing versatility in the handling of light loads.

Column and wall-mounted jib cranes allow stand-alone assembly, with options for slewing radius, jib reach and load capacity, adapting to various needs. With a simple push of a button, these cranes ensure gentle handling of loads, improving productivity and offering flexible material flow solutions.

LBCranes provides not only quality equipment, but also accessories and additional equipment to ensure production optimisation. The mobile power lines and the variety in the type of attachment make these jib cranes versatile tools, providing comprehensive solutions to improve industrial processes.

Grúa pluma mural 500kg.

Maintenance of jib cranes

Good maintenance and timely replacement of spare parts is essential to ensure the optimal performance of jib cranes. Good maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns, improves safety and reduces repair costs in the long term.

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Wall mounted jib crane 500kg.
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