Wall jib cranes - 1Tn

Design and manufacture of 11 wall-mounted jib cranes with a load capacity of up to 1Tn each.

Customized design

We offer customized solutions for each client. In this project, we work closely with our client to understand their specific needs and create a crane design that perfectly suits their requirements.

Capacity and accessories

Each of the 11 LBcranes-designed wall-mounted jib cranes can lift up to 1Tn in weight, thanks to the built-in 1Tn chain hoist. In addition, each crane has a pendant control pendant for the crane controls, allowing for easy and precise control of the load.

High quality materials

At LBcranes, we are committed to using high quality materials to ensure the safety and durability of our equipment. In this project, all cranes are made entirely of steel, a strong and durable material that is widely used in the industry.

Manufacturing and production process

We work with the best manufacturers in the sector to guarantee the quality of our equipment. In this project, the boom and structure of the cranes were manufactured at Bofortex SL, a leading company in the metal structure manufacturing sector. During the entire production process, we made sure to follow the highest quality standards to guarantee the safety and durability of our cranes.

At LBcranes, we are committed to offering high quality and customised solutions for heavy load handling in different industries. If you need lifting equipment that suits your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your next project.

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