Semi Gantry Bridge Crane Design - 5.0Tn

Design and delivery of semi-portal bridge crane for industry. A semi-gantry bridge crane is a popular choice for companies that need to move loads of up to 5 tonnes in a specific area.

Designed and sold by LBCranes, a market leader in lifting systems and bridge cranes, this specific model uses a monorail rail to move loads back and forth. The 5 tonne load capacity is sufficient to handle a wide range of materials, and the 20 metre span means it can be used in a variety of spaces.

Fabricado por Bofortex SL, este puente grúa semi-pórtico cuenta con un polipasto de cable Verlinde para levantar cargas de manera segura y eficiente. El sistema de cableado Feston realizado por Bofortex ayuda a mantener los cables seguros y organizados, y el color gris oscuro es atractivo a la vista y resistente a las manchas.

This lifting equipment also features a flat bottom wheel, making it easy to move and adjust to the desired location. The 6900 mm hook height is sufficient for moving large loads, and has been used by customers such as Porcelanosa, XTONE and Altissima to improve efficiency in their facilities.

On a usage level it is a great investment for any business that needs to move heavy loads. With its 5 tonne capacity, 20 metre span and efficient cabling system, this crane is a popular choice for businesses in a variety of industries. If you are interested in improving efficiency in your workplace, contact us for more information on your overhead crane and hoist system options.

Grúa semi-pórtico
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