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Design, sale and maintenance of overhead cranes and lifting systems.

Overhead cranes and lifting systems

In LBcranes Lifting Equipments, we have been in the crane sales industry for years.

We take care of the design, sale, installation, and maintenance of cranes of all types, with the aim of offering the highest quality in our production and maintenance services.

We have a long expertise in the world of industrial lifting equipment. 
We design, manufacture, install and activate your lifting system project.

Keep your cranes at peak performance with our services de maintenance corrective, we can help you anticipate any mishaps. Our support services operate 24 hours a day to ensure that our customers' production is affected as little as possible.

Double girder overhead crane 3,2Tn
3.2Tn double girder overhead crane for the ceramics sector.

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We offer top quality overhead cranes, installation and maintenance.

Rotation and movements of mobile gantry cranes – LBCranes YouTube

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Our types of overhead cranes

We offer cranes and lifting systems to meet all your needs. Click on any of them to get specific information about each one and ask for a quote.

Single-girder overhead crane

The most versatile and effective solution.

Double-Girder Overhead Crane

The perfect choice for limited space.

Suspension overhead crane

To combine different components.

Jib and mural cranes

Powerful support at different points of work.

Gantry and semi-gantry cranes

Indispensable option to optimize loading and unloading processes.

Process cranes

The ideal solution for continuous use.

Lightweight systems

For easy handling of light loads.


Components of all capacities and the best quality.

Self-supporting metal structure

Pillars and track beams for the movement of your crane.

Not sure what you are looking for?

We offer you the perfect offer for your needs: lifting capacity, span distance, hall dimensions, delivery times...

Installation of overhead cranes on girders and rails

process crane LBCranes
LBCranes 180Tn process crane

References - Projects of cranes and lifting equipment realised

Design, production, installation and sale of overhead cranes and lifting systems.

Consult our latest projects in our sector. We have a wide range of installations and designs of all types of equipment and metal structures.

Overhead cranes are the ideal solution for moving loads

At LBCranes, we offer a wide range of cranes and lifting systems for moving heavy loads in different environments, including industrial buildings and warehouses. Our equipment adapts perfectly to any application and conditions of use, bringing maximum efficiency and performance to each project.

Apart from monorails and overhead cranes, LBCranes also manufactures gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, suspended cranes, console cranes, and many more types of equipment. Our extensive catalog allows us to offer 360-degree solutions for all your heavy load handling needs. We work closely with Bofortex SL to achieve the best results.

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