Installation of 10Tn single-girder overhead travelling crane

In one of our latest projects we have designed and installed a 10Tn monorail overhead crane in Lleida.

The project arose from the company's need to lift heavy loads. The building already had an overhead crane installed, so the rails on which the system travels were already installed and adapted. This facilitated the design work and reduced the final price.

Once the measurements were taken and the initial survey of the vessel was done, our engineering team worked on the design and structural calculations. They decided to use Bofortex fabrication and LBCranes' own cable hoist.

As a final part of the process, our team of operators travelled to the building to install the bridge crane and complete the project.

El cliente quedó muy contento con el resultado. En LBCranes estamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo del equipo, y seguimos trabajando día a día.

Installation of overhead cranes
Installation of monorail overhead crane 10Tn.

Learn all about single-girder overhead travelling cranes

Single-girder overhead cranes are a very versatile and efficient lifting solution for handling heavy loads in confined spaces.
These cranes can be manufactured with laminated profile or box girder, which allows them to save space and achieve maximum hook height. In addition, their operation is simple and reliable, making them ideal for any situation.

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