Suspension overhead cranes

Suspension cranes are lifting systems that combine different components such as suspensions, electric cable trolleys or chain hoists to implement efficient and flexible lifting solutions. These overhead cranes are built with rolled or torsion-resistant beams, and offer a wide variety of equipment.

Advantages of suspension overhead cranes

Suspended overhead cranes are ideal for low-height spaces and unfavorable conditions, offering a maximum capacity of up to 16 tons and a maximum length of 25 meters.

Furthermore, they allow for maximum approach to the trolley, making full use of the width of the facility. They can be equipped with a wide range of options and can be installed with 1 or 2 trolleys. Additionally, their installation is more cost-effective than that of a standard overhead crane.

Lifting capacity<16tn
No. of trolleys1 – 2
LBCranes Suspension Bridge Crane for Industry

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Suspended overhead cranes are an efficient solution for space optimization in industrial warehouses. These cranes move with ease and occupy minimal space, whether on lower tracks or directly on the ceiling. This allows for the full utilization of the warehouse width for other activities. Additionally, their design offers the advantage of reducing the distance between the load hook and the side walls.

With the use of a crane lock, it is possible to interconnect several overhead cranes, which facilitates the crossing of the polyspasto with or without load. This feature makes it possible to reach any destination within the combined system. It is even possible to cross over branches, which gives greater flexibility in the movement of the load.

Maintenance of suspension cranes

Regular maintenance of your overhead cranes avoids potential long-term repairs. It also ensures that your equipment operates safely and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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