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Discover the versatility of the different types of hoists. We offer chain hoists and wire rope hoists to meet your lifting needs. Wire rope hoists use a strong steel cable, while chain hoists rely on a strong steel chain - choose the right type for your project!

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Wire rope hoists

Increased lifting capacity, lifting up to 250 tonnes. 

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Chain hoists

Lower capacity. Commonly used in lightweight applications.

Hoists for your lifting equipment: Discover our wide selection!

Innovation and quality in lifting equipments to boost your business

Find out the main differences between wire rope hoists and chain hoists. Wire rope hoists can handle loads of up to 30 tonnes, while chain hoists are ideal for loads of up to 5 tonnes. In addition, chain products are more resistant to corrosive and polluting environments, while wire rope hoists are suitable for milder environments.

When choosing the right hoist, consider the working environment, load capacity, lifting speed, handling needs and required safety systems.

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Gantry crane 3,2Tn LBCranes.

3.2Tn mobile gantry crane installation

Desde LBCranes presentamos nuestra grúa pórtico 3.2tn, diseñada para brindar versatilidad y eficiencia en su nave. Con un enfoque centrado en la calidad y la adaptabilidad, nuestra grúa pórtico móvil es la elección ideal para diversas aplicaciones dentro de su entorno industrial. Nuestra grúa pórtico móvil se destaca…

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Reliable maintenance for your overhead cranes

At LBcranes, we care about your peace of mind and the optimum performance of your lifting equipment. Our specialist team will carry out the maintenance, inspection and adjustments necessary to ensure their safe operation and prolong their useful life.

We carry out regular checks and replace parts as required. Rely on our experience and commitment to ensure your loading and unloading operations are efficient and safe. We are here to give you the peace of mind you need.

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