2.5Tn single-girder overhead crane for automotive industry

Single-girder overhead cranes are very versatile and optimise production in many industries. A very popular sector for this type of crane is the automotive industry.

In this project we have worked on the design and installation of a 2.5Tn single-girder overhead crane for a major automotive brand. This equipment is part of a larger project that also involves the installation of double-girders.

Regarding the technical specifications of the overhead crane, it is a monorail crane with cable hoists LBCranes with a load capacity of 2.5Tn. It has a Festoon system for cable management and is mounted on two rails in the hall.

Both the client and we are very satisfied with the outcome of this project.

To find out more about our single-girder overhead travelling cranes, please visit the following page: Single-girder overhead cranes.

Single-girder overhead crane 2.5Tn.
2.5Tn LBCRANES single-girder bridge crane.
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