Double girder overhead cranes

Double girder overhead travelling cranes are the best choice for heavy loads in industrial buildings. These overhead cranes are used for production in halls with limited space. By moving the hoist on the upper rail, a greater hook height and a greater field of vision for the operators is achieved.

Between all types of overhead cranes, the double girder overhead travelling cranes have the highest lifting capacity. This is because the hoist runs on the top rail and is therefore higher than the girders.

Double-girder cranes functionality

The double girder overhead travelling cranes have a wide range of options to ensure maximum functionality, flexibility and ease of operation.

We have our own accessories programme, which offers a wide range of additional equipment for specific solutions. To find out more about all our accessories for double girder overhead travelling cranes, please see the following link to our page "equipment upgrades«.

Double-girder cranes features

Elevation capacity<180Tn
Crane length<63m
Hook heightAdjustable
Double girder overhead crane 5Tn
5Tn double girder overhead crane.

Do you need a Double girder?

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Some of our double girder projects

Puente grúa birraíl de 3.2tn LBCranes.
3.2Tn double girder overhead crane for the ceramics sector.

Our double girder overhead travelling cranes are built with rolled section girders and welded box girders, carefully designed to achieve an ideal balance between load and self-weight. This approach allows us to achieve an optimal combination of performance and affordability.

Each customer has their own unique demands, and we strive to provide the adaptability needed for each project. Of all the types of overhead cranes, double girder cranes are perfect for providing maximum load capacity, ensuring that we meet your most demanding expectations and needs.

Preventive maintenance for double girder overhead cranes

Maintaining this equipment in good condition is essential to ensure safe and efficient operation (see "Preventive maintenance of overhead cranes«).
A regular maintenance allows any possible failure or deterioration to be detected and repaired, thus avoiding possible accidents and extending the service life. In addition, a well-maintained overhead crane increases productivity and reduces operating costs.

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Double girder overhead crane drawing example hoist.
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