16Tn double-rail bridge for moving dies and moulds

Customised design and manufacture to move tooling and moulds

LBCranes has designed, manufactured and installed this customised 16Tn birail bridge to move tooling and moulds in a factory. The lifting capacity of 16Tn is sufficient to handle large loads and transport them from one place to another efficiently.

Solid and safe structure for the movement of heavy loads

The 16Tn drail bridge has a solid and safe structure for the movement of heavy loads. Although it does not have a self-supporting structure, it is designed and manufactured with a strong support system to ensure the safety of the load and the personnel involved in its handling.

Two units manufactured for greater efficiency in the factory

Bofortex S.L. has manufactured two units of this 16Tn drail bridge to ensure greater efficiency in the factory. The installation of two units allows simultaneous handling of loads, which speeds up the production process and reduces waiting times. The adaptation of each unit to the specific needs of the factory ensures efficiency and safety.

In summary, the 16Tn Birail Bridge designed, manufactured and installed by LBCranes, is a customised and efficient solution for the movement of tooling and moulds. Its solid and safe structure and the manufacture of two units guarantee greater efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing plant.

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