Design and manufacture of 11Tn double girder overhead crane by LBCranes

Custom-designed and manufactured to feed a winding machine

LBCranes has designed, calculated and manufactured a customised Double girder 11T for powering a winding machine in a factory. The lifting capacity of 11T is sufficient to handle large loads and transport them from one place to another efficiently.

Self-supporting structure for increased safety and efficiency

Le pont-roulant double-girder 11T is designed with a self-supporting structurewhich means it does not require additional supports to hold it in place. This feature allows for greater safety and efficiency on the manufacturing floor, as there is no need to worry about additional supports obstructing the movement of the overhead crane.

Mass production for higher productivity

Bofortex S.L. has produced three units of this Double girder 11T, which allows for higher productivity in the manufacturing plant. The series production of these double girder overhead travelling cranes ensures consistency in the quality and specification of the final product, while tailoring each unit to the specific needs of the factory ensures efficiency and safety.

This bridge crane is a customised and efficient solution for feeding the winding machine. Its self-supporting structure and series production ensure greater safety, efficiency and productivity on the shop floor.

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