Process cranes

LBCranes manufactures and sells high-performance process cranes, designed to handle extremely heavy loads and withstand continuous use. We offer high-quality technical solutions that meet the most complex requirements.

High loads in continuous use

These cranes include increased lifting capacity (10 to 250 tons), lifting height (up to 129 meters), utilization group (ISO classification up to M6), and speed control (variable speed).

Our automatic bridges are an excellent option to improve efficiency and safety in your production process.

We have a standardised maintenance platform and an innovative wire rope guidance system that reduces stress on the wire rope and extends the life of the crane.

All these features mean that our process cranes more than meet the needs of our customers. Robustness and reliability is the most important thing in process cranes, equipment made to withstand heavy loads for long periods of time.

Lifting Capacity10tn -250tn
Elevation height<129m
ISOTill M6
Velocity ControlYes
process crane LBCranes

Do you need a process crane?

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Process Cranes Maintenance

Good maintenance of process cranes is essential to ensure their long-term operability. Cranes working for long periods of time require more attention due to the wear and fatigue they experience. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of failure, increases operational safety and prolongs the life of the crane.

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