Wire rope hoists

Wire rope hoists, heavy duty

Wire rope hoists offer a compact and lightweight solution for your lifting needs. Their design includes exposed chain feet, allowing flexible mobility when dragging the chains to the desired destination.

These hoists are highly versatile and suitable for a wide variety of environments, from marine work to forestry, where durable and flexible machines are required.

Advantages of wire rope hoists

The main advantage of electric hoists of this type is their ability to handle heavier loads and their higher lifting speed.

This equipment is powered by an electric motor, which makes the lifting task more efficient and bearable. They use an electric hitch and strap system to lift and transport loads safely and efficiently.

These components are an indispensable tool in the construction sector and other industries, as they facilitate the safe and efficient lifting of loads.

In addition to their superior load capacity compared to chain hoists, wire rope hoists stand out for their versatility and ease of use. Their compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for adapting to different working spaces and environments.

Hoists for specific needs

Whether in the construction industry, manufacturing or any other sector, our hoists are a reliable and efficient choice.

LBCranes electric wire rope hoists are the heart of our cranes. They are manufactured using innovative methods, guaranteeing exceptional reliability and durability. With load capacities from 1Tn to 120Tn, we offer a wide range of models to meet diverse needs. From standard to specialised models, they all share a common feature: maximum availability and safety in the production and material chain.

Hoists monorrail LBCranes
Wire rope hoist on LBCranes monorail overhead travelling crane.

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Single-girder overhead crane 6.3Tn
12.5 tonne single-girder overhead travelling cranes with wire rope hoists.
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