Explosion-proof, safety in hazardous environments

If your work takes place in explosive atmospheres, it is essential to have safe and reliable equipment to ensure safety in your activities. At LB Cranes, we offer a wide range of explosion-proof and anti-deflagration cranes and components with an extremely high level of safety and reliability.

Reliable solutions for hazardous environments

Industrial cranes, jib cranes, manual cranes, electric and manual hoists with lifting capacities from 125 kilograms to 160 tons. With over 30 years of experience in these types of applications, LB Cranes provides reliable and safe solutions for your material handling needs in hazardous environments.

Work safely and confidently

Don't settle for unsafe or unreliable equipment in hazardous environments. Rely on LB Cranes' wide range of explosion-proof cranes and components to keep you safe and working with confidence in any hazardous environment.

Do you need explosion proofing for your company? Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Flameproofing maintenance

Proper maintenance of explosion-proof components is crucial to ensure safety in areas where there is a risk of explosion or fire.

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ATEX explsion-proof hook
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