Preventive maintenance of overhead travelling cranes

To ensure optimum, safe operation of the overhead cranes is essential in industrial environments. The preventive maintenance of this equipment plays a crucial role in optimising its lifespan. In this article, we explain the importance of preventive maintenance overhead travelling cranes.

Advantages of preventive maintenance for overhead cranes

  • Avoid interruptions: Regular inspections reduce the possibility of unexpected interruptions. They ensure the continuity of lifting activities in halls and warehouses (see "Warehouse Overhead Cranes: Efficiency and Optimisation in Load Handling«).
  • Optimizes performance: It ensures that overhead travelling cranes are maintained in optimum condition, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity (see our maintenance options).
  • Minimises repair costs: By anticipating possible breakdowns or wear and tear, repairs can be avoided.
Installation of overhead cranes
Preventive maintenance on a 10-tonne monorail overhead travelling crane.

How is preventive maintenance carried out on overhead travelling cranes?

  • Visual inspections: Regular visual inspections are carried out to identify signs of wear, corrosion or other visible problems on key components such as cables, pulleys and brakes (see "When should an overhead crane be replaced? Signs and considerations«).
  • Adequate lubrication: Regular lubrication of the mechanisms is essential to ensure smooth operation and prevent premature wear of components.
  • Verification of security systems: The correct operation of safety systems such as load limits, emergency brakes and control systems is checked (see "Safety systems for overhead cranes«).
  • Load tests: Periodic load tests are carried out to assess the crane's capacity and strength, to ensure that it meets established safety standards (see "Choosing the Right Hoist for Your Business: Practical Advice«).

Preventive maintenance planning and scheduling

  • Drawing up a maintenance plan: Detailed plan including preventive maintenance frequency of inspections and the specific tasks involved in each visit.
  • Regular programming: It is essential to establish a regular schedule for preventive maintenance activities.
  • Registration and documentation: Maintenance activities are recorded in a comprehensive logbook.

Preventive maintenance of bridge cranes is essential to ensure their optimal and safe operation.

Puentes grúa birraíl 3.2tn LBCranes
LBCranes double-girder overhead travelling crane weighing 3.2 tonnes.

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