Warehouse Overhead Cranes: Efficiency and Optimisation in Load Handling

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The overhead cranes are a versatile solution for optimising load handling in warehouses. Discover how warehouse overhead cranes can improve efficiency and performance in your operations.

Advantages of overhead travelling cranes in warehouses

  • Maximising space: overhead travelling cranes make efficient use of vertical warehouse space, optimising storage and goods flow.
  • Increased productivity: thanks to their ability to move heavy loads efficiently, overhead travelling cranes streamline loading and unloading operations, reducing lead times and improving productivity.
  • Improved safety: overhead travelling cranes provide a controlled and safe system for handling loads, reducing the risk of injury and accidents in the warehouse.
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Types of overhead travelling cranes for warehouses

  • Single girder overhead travelling cranes: ideal for warehouses with lighter load handling requirements and confined spaces.
  • Double-girder overhead travelling cranes: these offer greater load capacity and versatility, and are suitable for warehouses with heavier loads and intensive operations.

Additional features and options

  • Control systems: overhead travelling cranes can be equipped with advanced control systems, such as remote control or automation, for greater precision and efficiency in load handling.
  • Accessories and tools: A wide range of accessories are available, such as swivel hooks or magnets. These allow the handling of specific loads and increase the versatility of the overhead crane.

Considerations for the installation of overhead travelling cranes in warehouses

  • Load analysis: it is essential to assess the loads to be handled in the warehouse to determine the capacity and type of overhead travelling crane to use.
  • Design and planning: proper planning and design of the crane system ensures optimum integration with the warehouse layout and workflows.

Integrating overhead travelling cranes into warehouses offers many advantages, from optimising space to increasing productivity and safety. Thanks to this equipment, you can considerably improve your warehousing operations and achieve maximum efficiency.

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