Installation of a Birrail Overhead Crane for the Agricultural Metallurgical Plant

We present this project for the installation of a Double girder. This is equipment to optimise operations in the manufacture of agricultural machinery. The selected equipment has been carefully chosen to perfectly adapt to the specific needs of the sector and ensure a more efficient and safer workflow.

This system offers a 30-meter span, providing extensive coverage in the warehouse. With this, the assembly and transportation of large-scale agricultural machinery can be easily handled. The used hoists are BLIFT with a capacity of 12 tons.

The main function of the overhead crane is to streamline the manufacturing of agricultural machinery. This will result in a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in production times. Additionally, its advanced design and technology ensure a safe and reliable operation, reducing the risks of accidents and injuries.

Our team of engineers specialized in this type of installations will be responsible for carrying out the assembly and commissioning of the birrail overhead crane. Rigorous safety protocols will be implemented to ensure a seamless installation and optimal functioning of the equipment.

In summary, this project for the installation of Double girder represents a step towards modernising and improving its operations, which will drive growth and efficiency in agricultural machinery manufacturing.

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