Design and installation of a birail and shuttle cars for the ceramics sector.

The use of birrail gantry cranes has been gaining ground in the industry thanks to their design and versatility. Porcelanosa, dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of ceramic floors and coatings, has opted for the installation of a birrail gantry crane designed and installed by us and manufactured by Bofortex SL for the unloading and storage of material in their warehouse.

About the double girder overhead crane

Birrail gantry cranes have the ability to move heavy loads with a higher hook height than monorail cranes. These cranes cover a wide working area without obstructing the floor of the warehouse. Thanks to their design, they can adapt to different sizes and load capacities. In this case, we have installed two BLIFT hoists, each with a capacity of 3.2 tons.

Ease of use and security

Estos puentes destacan por su facilidad de uso y seguridad. Al estar suspendidos en el aire, los operarios tienen una mejor visibilidad y control de la carga, lo que aumenta la precisión y seguridad en el manejo de los materiales (ver «Overhead Crane Safety Systems: Protect your Operations«). Asimismo, los sistemas de frenado y limitadores de carga garantizan la seguridad en la elevación de cargas pesadas.


For this project, a transfer cart has been installed that performs the task of transporting materials between two rooms in the warehouse.
A cart with a capacity of 6.3 tons has been used. The installation contributes to space and time savings, allowing for efficient storage and optimal movement of loads, in this case, ceramic plates.

Porcelanosa overhead double girder overhead crane.

More about the product in action

If heavy loads need to be transported within industrial halls, overhead travelling cranes are an excellent choice. Focused on providing customised solutions according to each customer's requirements, our overhead travelling cranes are ideal for production in halls with space constraints and complex configurations.

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