Design and assembly of a lightweight system for the sliding door industry

Our client specializes in automatic sliding doors. In the industry, there are many material movements on a daily basis, and organizing automated shelves in an optimized way can be a complicated task. One solution for this case is the light systems, agile and easy to maneuver for light loads.

At LBCranes, we have designed and installed a light system for our client. This system has been manufactured by Bofortex SL and features KBK Verlinde aluminum profiles, Verlinde pillars with brackets, and a lifting capacity of 630kg x 2. Its main function is to lift and move material from an automatic shelf.

The choice of a lightweight system is due to its many advantages in the industry. Firstly, the low weight of the aluminium profiles allows for easy handling of the crane, which increases efficiency and productivity. In addition, its modular and flexible design allows for quick adaptation to different needs and configurations of the automated racking system, without the need for major modifications to the structure.

Another key advantage of lightweight systems is their lower maintenance and operating costs. Due to their aluminium construction and high quality materials, they require less lubrication and parts replacement compared to heavier, more complex systems. In addition, the use of Verlinde technology ensures high durability and wear resistance.

Ultimately, the choice of a lightweight system such as the one we have installed translates into greater efficiency, flexibility and lower operating and maintenance costs. A key factor for companies looking to improve their productivity and profitability in today's industry.

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