3.2Tn mobile gantry crane installation

In LBCranes introducing our 3.2tn gantry crane, designed to bring versatility and efficiency to your ship. With a focus on quality and adaptability, our mobile gantry crane is the ideal choice for various applications within your industrial environment.

Our mobile gantry crane stands out for its exceptional mobility, thanks to its wheeled design. This allows for easy adaptation to different situations within your warehouse, providing operational flexibility without compromising the 3.2 tonne load capacity. We understand the importance of efficiency in your workspace, and our mobile gantry crane has been designed with your changing needs in mind.

Versatility is key in today's industrial environment. Our range includes gantry cranes, mobile cranes and mobile gantry cranes to address a variety of applications. We are committed to providing lifting solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Find out how our mobile gantry cranes offer exceptional performance and unrivalled mobility, delivering efficiency and productivity on every project.

Gantry crane 3,2Tn LBCranes.
Mobile Gantry Crane 3.2Tn
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