500kg column-mounted jib crane for valve manufacturing industry

In the valve manufacturing industry, the use of specialised machinery is crucial to ensure efficiency and safety in production processes. One of the most commonly used tools in this sector is the pillar jib crane, a crane that is used for the movement of parts and storage in the workspace.

The type of crane chosen for this sector is specially designed to meet the needs of the valve manufacturing industry. These cranes have a large lifting capacity and are equipped with a hoist BLIFT of 500kg capacity. which enables the safe and efficient transport of heavy parts. The metal structure of the crane is manufactured by Bofortex SL.

The main function of this column-mounted jib crane in valve manufacturing is to move parts from one place to another, which allows the optimisation of production processes and increases work efficiency. In addition, it is also used to store parts in the workspace, which facilitates organisation and quick access to them.

Although the industrial plant is not yet operational, the company has already installed its crane for optimisation processes.

Wall jib crane LBCranes

More about jib cranes

Jib cranes and wall-mounted cranes are designed to provide powerful and reliable support at different work points. These cranes are easily adapted to different requirements and offer a wide variety of models and configurations.

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