Lightweight 1Tn system for the manufacture of electrical transformers

In the electrical transformer manufacturing industry, the use of specialised machinery is essential to ensure efficient and safe production. One of the most widely used pieces of equipment in this sector is the lightweight crane system, designed specifically for the movement of parts in the manufacture of electrical transformers.

This type of crane is used in combination with other lifting elements such as pillars, brackets and beams to create a complete lifting and transport system. The KBK lightweight system is a flexible and adaptable solution that is tailored to the specific needs of electrical transformer production.

The hoist used in the light crane system is a second-hand model with a load capacity of 1 tonne, which enables the safe and efficient lifting of heavy parts during the production process.

The main function of the lightweight crane system in the manufacture of electrical transformers is to move heavy parts from one place to another, which facilitates the organisation of the working space and optimises the production process. Thanks to its flexibility, the KBK lightweight system allows a wide variety of movements and positioning of workpieces.

Sistema ligero LBCranes

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Lightweight systems offer a wide range of implementation possibilities, both in load capacities and usability.

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