Hoist maintenance for maximum performance

Hoist maintenance is essential to ensure optimum hoist performance. Whether electric or manual, cable or chain, if you have the right maintenance, this will save you money.

What does hoist maintenance provide?

  1. Avoid malfunctions: Prevents failures by ensuring that hoists operate safely and without interruption.
  2. Safety at work: An overhauled hoist reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring a safe working environment for operators.
  3. Prolongation of service life: The service life of the hoists is extended, maximising the return on the investment made in this equipment.

Best Practices for Hoist Maintenance and Care

Performing hoist maintenance involves following a number of essential practices. Regular visual inspections can identify any wear, damage or problems with the hoist components. This early precaution helps to avoid future complications.

Another essential aspect is proper lubrication. Applying lubricant according to the manufacturer's recommendations is crucial to maintain smooth operation and prevent premature wear. This applies to both chain hoists and wire rope hoists, ensuring efficient operation.

Cleaning and removal of blockages also play a vital role. Keeping hoists clear of debris or obstructions is essential to ensure optimum performance.

Checking brakes and safety devices is another aspect that should not be overlooked. Ensuring that these elements are in good condition and correctly adjusted is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure safety in all operations.

Preventive maintenance of electric and manual hoists

Establish a maintenance programme is essential to ensure optimum performance and safety of the hoists. This programme should include planned activities such as detailed inspections, periodic lubrication and verification of key components.

Maintain a detailed record of maintenance activities is a key practice. This record should include dates, tasks performed and any relevant findings during the maintenance process.

Our team of experts is responsible for the maintenance of both wire rope and chain hoists.

If you have a hoist and have not serviced it for a long time, you can contact us to study your case.

Maintenance of electric wire rope hoist.
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1000kg jib crane with chain hoist maintenance.
Chain hoist for 1000 kg jib crane.
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