What are the advantages of overhead cranes?

The advantages of overhead cranes are numerous compared to traditional cranes. There are many contexts in which an overhead crane is more effective for lifting problems. But what are the real advantages of overhead cranes?

Maximising workspace

Overhead cranes make the most of the available space in warehouses and industrial buildings. They optimise the organisation of warehouses and facilitate the movement of materials in areas with space restrictions.

In addition, as they are suspended from the top of the halls, allow full visibility of the workspace. This maximises the floor space in the hall and helps operators to work more comfortably.

Various applications and uses

Another advantage of overhead cranes is that they are adaptable to different situations. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications: optimisation of storage, lifting of loads, organisation of materials...

LBCranes monorail wire rope hoists
6.3Tn monorail overhead crane with wire rope hoist.

Safety in the working environment

The overhead cranes are designed with integrated safety systems. For example, the most common are load limiters and emergency brakes ensuring a safe working environment.

Adequate training and compliance with safety procedures are essential to minimise risks.

Improving operational efficiency

Overhead cranes enable fast and precise material handling, reducing loading and unloading times. This optimises workflows and increases productivity. Automating tasks eliminates the need for additional manpower, generating significant savings.

In conclusion, overhead cranes improve efficiency and productivity in the handling of heavy loads. They maximise workspace, offer versatility in applications, ensure occupational safety and improve operational efficiency.

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Puente grúa de sistema ligero 1Tn.
1Tn. light overhead crane system.

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