Improving crane safety
Modernizaciones Clave para un Manejo de Cargas Seguro y Eficiente

The importance of safety on overhead cranes

Overhead travelling cranes are essential tools in the manufacturing and transport sectors, enabling heavy and bulky materials to be handled efficiently. That's why safety in their installation, operation and maintenance is essential for any company that handles heavy loads.

Clearly, their operation involves major risks if strict safety standards are not met... But is compliance with these standards enough?

At LBcranes, as well as offering lifting solutions that comply with all current regulations, we believe that in many cases it is necessary to incorporate additional safety through enhancement components that, although considered 'accessories' or 'extras', undoubtedly offer additional safety and protection to operators and equipment.

Overhead Crane Safety Bumpers

En LBCranes nos comprometemos a ofrecer soluciones innovadoras y eficientes para mejorar la funcionalidad de nuestros componentes tus sistemas de elevación y manejo de materiales.

Modernisations and innovative components for lifting systems are an intelligent and necessary investment to guarantee the productivity and efficiency of your equipment. They are also crucial to maintaining and improving operational safety. Implementing advanced technologies and innovative components in overhead travelling cranes can make a big difference to accident prevention and load handling efficiency. Here are the benefits of four key upgrades that significantly improve overhead crane safety:

Preventing side shots

Lateral overhang is an undesirable movement that can affect crane stability. Implementing systems to prevent this improves safety and prevents uncontrolled movements. This upgrade detects any tilting or deviation of the load with an angle of up to 4 degrees, ensuring that the load is perfectly straight before being lifted, thus avoiding possible accidents or material damage. It incorporates a high-precision inclinometer, essential for ensuring safe load handling, especially in environments where precision is essential.

Modernisation of the anti-roll system
Prevention of side draft

Upper Safety Light

The overhead safety light is an innovation that clearly marks the crane's operating area and alerts operators to the position of the load. It ensures that no objects or people are within the operating area, reduces the risk of collisions, improves visibility and minimises accidents. It also has several advantages over traditional signage:

  • - No investment in human capital is required.
  • It does not affect productivity.
  • It is not necessary to stop the activity for the installation.
  • Increased durability.
  • No additional maintenance is required.

Upgrading inverters

Reversers are components that prevent initial and final shocks during braking and acceleration of the crane. Smoother, more controlled operation, without the risk of sudden jerks, means greater safety and efficiency in day-to-day operations. They improve the precision and smoothness of crane movements, which not only reduces wear and tear on components, prolonging the life of the equipment, but also provides greater control and precision of movements.

Radio controls

Radio remote controls replace the old systems connected to the crane, offering a more modern and safer solution. The integration of these radio controls into lifting systems allows operators to choose the best location to control the crane, increasing safety by allowing better visibility and control of the working area. They also make work more comfortable and efficient.

Crane safety is not just a regulatory requirement, but a necessity to ensure safe and efficient operations. The upgrades and innovative components we offer at LBcranes are the key to improving the safety and efficiency of your goods handling operations. By investing in these improvements, you not only protect your staff and equipment, but also ensure the continuity and productivity of your industrial operations.

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