Installation of Overhead Cranes in Industrial Warehouses: Efficiency and Space Optimisation

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The proper installation of overhead cranes in industrial buildings is essential. It ensures efficient handling of heavy loads and maximises the use of available space. In this article, we will explore the importance of installing overhead cranes in industrial buildings and how to carry out this process effectively.

Advantages of overhead travelling cranes in industrial buildings

  • Optimal space utilization: Crane bridges allow for effective utilization of vertical space. Work areas are freed up, and the distribution of loads is optimized.
  • Increased productivity: strategically located overhead cranes streamline loading and unloading operations. In addition, handling times are reduced and the overall efficiency of industrial processes is improved.
  • Increased safety: overhead travelling cranes provide a safe, controlled system for lifting loads.
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Considerations for the installation of overhead travelling cranes in industrial buildings

  • Load and capacity analysis: a thorough analysis of the loads to be handled, taking into account both the weight and dimensions of the objects, must be carried out in order to determine the required capacity of the cranes and ensure correct installation.
  • Structural assessment: it is essential to assess the structural strength of the industrial building and determine the appropriate anchoring points for the overhead cranes, ensuring that the structure can withstand the loads and stresses generated by the lifting operations.
  • Customised design: Every installation is unique. A customised design is required that considers space layout, workflows and industry-specific requirements, ensuring an optimal and efficient solution.
  • Integration with existing systems: In many cases, overhead travelling cranes need to be integrated with other existing systems in the industrial building, such as conveyor systems or storage areas. It is essential to coordinate the installation so as to optimise the overall functionality of the environment.

Installation process in industrial buildings

The correct installation of overhead travelling cranes is essential to optimise space, increase productivity and guarantee the safety of load handling operations. By carefully considering the technical aspects and following a planned process, an efficient and functional installation can be achieved.

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