Overhead crane manufacturing: process and materials

In the industrial sector, overhead cranes increase operational efficiency. How are overhead cranes manufactured? We explain how these cranes are manufactured.

Customised approach to overhead crane manufacturing

  • The manufacturing process of lifting equipment starts with a customised approach, where the type of structure required for each piece of equipment is studied.
  • Engineers work closely with the customer to understand their needs. In this way, a tailor-made overhead crane is created that is perfectly adapted to your installations and requirements.

Selection of materials for manufacturing

High-strength and durable materials are used in the manufacture of bridge cranes. They are selected to withstand heavy loads and rigorous conditions. The manufacturing process follows strict quality and safety standards and involves cutting, welding, machining and assembly, with the application of quality control techniques and controls.

During manufacture, the equipment is subjected to exhaustive tests to guarantee its correct operation, obtaining the necessary certifications that ensure compliance with the applicable industrial requirements and regulations.

Installation and post fabrication support of overhead cranes

  • Our operators ensure the correct installation of the overhead crane on your premises and are available for long-term support and maintenance.

The manufacture of this type of crane is a meticulous process that focuses on quality, precision and customisation to meet specific industrial needs.

Overhead crane manufacturing
Manufacture of overhead crane 6.3Tn.
Manufacture of LBCranes double girder overhead crane.
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