Port cranes, the largest overhead travelling cranes

Port cranes are ideal for moving heavy loads in ports and maritime terminals. Their primary function is to simplify and speed up the process of handling containers and other types of goods in port areas.

Types of overhead cranes for ports

  • Gantry crane on wheels : The wheeled gantry cranes are particularly versatile and are used in warehouses, logistics centres and port areas. With lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 800 tonnes, they are suitable for a wide range of operational needs.
  • Container gantry cranes: designed specifically for handling containers. Their lifting capacity is adjusted to the customer's specifications and requirements.

Characteristics of overhead travelling cranes for ports

  • Robust steel construction: built from robust steel, the overhead crane structures are designed to support heavy loads and withstand the harsh environmental conditions of port environments.
  • Main beam or gantry: this beam supports the lift truck and the load, providing a solid and safe base for load handling operations.
  • Lifting trolley: Fitted with a hook or grapple to lift the load, the lifting trolley moves along the main beam, allowing precise, controlled movement of the load.
  • Drive system: whether electric or diesel, the crane's drive system allows the load to move horizontally and vertically, ensuring smooth, efficient operation.
  • Remote control: thanks to a remote control system, operators can direct operations from a safe location, increasing the safety and precision of loading and unloading manoeuvres.

Port applications

  • Ports and terminals: overhead travelling cranes are used in ports and maritime terminals for loading and unloading containers and for handling bulk goods, whether solid or liquid.
  • Shipyards: In shipyards, this equipment plays a crucial role in the construction and repair of vessels, facilitating the movement of heavy components and materials within the facility.
  • Marine projects: In marine projects such as oilfields or the construction of offshore platforms, these machines are essential for handling heavy equipment and materials in demanding marine environments.
Carrying a bridge crane
Harbour cranes - Wasi1370 on Pixabay

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