What is an overhead crane used for?

An overhead crane is a machine that moves at ceiling height to move heavy objects from one place to another. Its main function is to lift, transport and deposit a wide range of loads, from materials to metal parts and coils.

Indoor and outdoor applications

The versatility of overhead cranes makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In locations such as industrial warehouses, production halls and workshops, they are indispensable for efficient material handling during the manufacturing or storage process. On the other hand, in outdoor locations such as naval harbours or open-air storage areas, overhead cranes facilitate the safe and precise movement of heavy loads.

Components of an overhead crane

An overhead crane consists of several fundamental elements that guarantee its optimal operation. You can consult all the components we offer here:

  • Main structure: provides the solid foundation for the rest of the components.
  • Track and running wheels: allow longitudinal movement of the bridge along the roof.
  • Longitudinal translation mechanism: facilitates the displacement of the bridge on its girder.
  • Transverse movement of the trolley: allows the load to move sideways.
  • Hook lift: responsible for lifting and depositing heavy objects.
  • Control devices: control the movements and operation of the bridge crane.

Importance in the optimisation of production processes

Why use an overhead travelling crane? Overhead travelling cranes are essential tools for many companies to optimise their production processes.

Their ability to handle heavy loads efficiently and safely contributes significantly to improved productivity and reduced working times. In addition, by minimising the need for manual labour in handling heavy materials, overhead cranes also help mitigate the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Overhead crane use
Double girder overhead crane for industrial building.
overhead crane what it is used for
Two 12.5Tn single-girder overhead cranes with hoists BLIFT.

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