Which overhead crane do I need? Find the solution to your lifting problems

Identifying the right overhead crane is essential to optimise your operations and ensure efficiency in handling heavy loads.

Here are several factors to consider when choosing an overhead crane.

Analysis of your requirements

Consider factors such as load weight, required reach and available workspaces when determining which overhead crane is best suited to your business. Conduct a thorough analysis to identify your precise needs.

Explore a variety of bridge crane types, such as monorail, double-rail, suspension and rail-mounted, to understand the characteristics and applications of each. This will help you make an informed decision.

LBCranes birrail overhead crane.

Features and accessories

Consider the additional features and accessories available, such as safety systems, ergonomic controls and specialised gripping devices. These elements can improve productivity and safety in your workplace.

Maintenance and support

Consider the maintenance and service requirements of the overhead cranes you are considering. Make sure you have a proper maintenance plan and access to reliable repair services to ensure optimal long-term operation. At LBCranes, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance services and breakdown assistance.

Selecting the right overhead crane is essential to optimise your operations and ensure the safe and efficient handling of heavy loads. Consider your requirements, explore the different types, assess capacity and reach, and consult experts to find the perfect overhead crane. Improve your operational efficiency with the right solution!

Which overhead crane do I need?

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