What is a mobile bridge crane?

An overhead crane is ideal for moving loads within a hall or warehouse. It is generally understood as a mobile bridge crane a crane that moves along a rail and a girder that allows it to move over a wide area of the hall..

What are the advantages of a mobile overhead crane?

  1. Displacement of loads: With their mobility, overhead cranes can move heavy loads and transport them.
  2. Safety in the workplace: Because of the movement, safety is improved. It is possible to move the hoist out of the working areas to avoid collisions or visual difficulties.
  3. Use for different applications: Mobility allows the same overhead crane to be used for different functions within the hall or industrial process.

Moving light and heavy loads

The load capacity of a mobile overhead crane will depend on the type of overhead crane and the hoist capacity. We work with capacities from 250kg to 180Tn, adapting to the needs of each client.

Good maintenance is essential for an overhead crane of this type. They are heavily loaded and subject to wear and tear. For this reason, good maintenance must be maintained and components must be replaced when necessary.

In terms of safety, our overhead travelling cranes are equipped with a large number of upgrades and accessories that ensure correct operation. Total safety is essential for operating equipment that moves large loads.

For all our equipment, a preventive and corrective maintenance programme is essential to ensure optimum performance and safety of lifting equipment. This programme includes planned activities such as detailed inspections, periodic lubrication and verification of key components.

You can find out more about equipment maintenance on our service.

Mobile overhead crane
10Tn double girder overhead travelling crane movement dimensions.

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