Overhead travelling cranes with cab for safe operation

Our overhead travelling cranes with cab provide a safe working environment thanks to an ergonomic design that guarantees the operator a wide, optimum view. Manufactured using advanced welding and fabrication processes, the cab is both aesthetically pleasing and robust.

Comply with safety regulations, all doors and windows are designed to be watertight and impact-resistant. Their structure, made of cold-rolled steel plates, offers great solidity and a vast interior space. The windows are fitted with toughened glass, sealed with quality rubber and aluminium alloy frames, guaranteeing durability and security. What's more, the lower windows offer an unobstructed view downwards.

Overhead crane with cabin
Overhead crane with cabin - CylonPhoto

The interior of the overhead travelling crane with cab is lined with fireproof and waterproof materials, with acoustic and thermal insulation properties. The floor, covered with a non-slip rubber mat, ensures a safe working environment at all times. With our overhead crane cab, you don't have to worry about operational safety.

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